A scream for love.
We long for days gone by,
staring from the corner
of our own existence.
Everything remains the same,
I’m not quite sane.
I love the game of fear.
The gear of time keeps moving,
would’ve been yours
so many years ago.
Abandoning all hope,
begin a journey with a smile.
Stab a heart and feel it.
Does it feel right?
Feel the fear, the shattering within.
Let’s see what’s next.
Persist, remain, don’t leave.
The sanity is near.
Though broken hearts are heard above
All the noise we make.
Tell them stories about never ending love,
Fool them as you know,
fill them with lies and nonsense.
Feed them with blind hopes.
The reason we love lies in lies.
Your lies,
my lies,
we love each others lies.


Uncomfortable freedom

How can you despise the view of a dream coming true. What is the purpose of the hatred you feel, a hatred so pure, so intense you are able to get angry. Resilience is not in your internal dictionary shelf. Nor is confusion thought that is what you embrace. I will never understand those who experience an emotional splurge so sick and pestilent because of somone’s mundane and true happiness. What can lead someone to point a hateful finger to a person and say “I hate him because he looks happy/inlove/enjoying the moment”?