Uncomfortable freedom

How can you despise the view of a dream coming true. What is the purpose of the hatred you feel, a hatred so pure, so intense you are able to get angry. Resilience is not in your internal dictionary shelf. Nor is confusion thought that is what you embrace. I will never understand those who experience an emotional splurge so sick and pestilent because of somone’s mundane and true happiness. What can lead someone to point a hateful finger to a person and say “I hate him because he looks happy/inlove/enjoying the moment”?


3 thoughts on “Uncomfortable freedom

  1. I always regard “hate”, as an ugly word!
    I have been very careful of “hating”, yet someone once said to me they “hated” me because I was always smiling.
    To feel this emotion is straight up human.
    Begrudging another’s happiness is only wearing the jealous person down, the same as with hate!
    I enjoyed reading your blogs.
    Best wishes.


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