Something about cat is always welcomed


Strange happened. No, something strange. Something happened and that is strange. Yes. Nothing happen here ever. Write because happened twice, once today earlier and then once before today. Day before today. Two days it happened, had visitor. Furry and small. Cat, I think. Hard to find right name. Not thought of names in long time. Cot for sleeping, have cot for sleeping, have sink for washing, chair for sitting. Names are stupid. This is hard, so enough. Maybe come back later.


It is tomorrow. Or next day. Doesn’t matter. Cat came back three times now, and still here. It is still here. Very pretty, this one cat. Fat and has short fur, white and brown. Not stripes like zebra but splotchy. (Took a long time to remember word zebra.) Very pretty pattern on cat, but distracting. Long time since had color to look at. Everything here is gray. Can almost see…

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