Poetry workshop

Hey guys! This will be my first post that is not a poem though it is about poetry.

After several weeks of no purpose in my life whatsoever, my personal life miseries and a lot of disconfort caused by kidney stones, I decided to create my first blog. Not bad, you are lucky I’m not writign about the journey my kidney boulder (yes, that is how it felt) made through my body. I can only say it felt like I had a son or two, and now can’t stop giving birth to new ideas. Well, this is not about my life. As the title says, it is about a workshop, poetry workshop. Who throws it? Coursera, of course. If you don’t know what Coursera is, this is the time to pay the site a visit. Coursera provides best free courses almost about anything you can come to think about. Today I thought about how I missed learnign something from there and recalled there was a course about English writing (if you read my “What is about me” section, you will know I am Russian and English is not my native language, not even the second as I live in Spain. If this is the only thing you wanted to know about me, well, don’t go there… go there…go there). Instead of this one I actually found the one could be even more interesting. It’s called Sharpened Visions: A Poetry Workshop.  I’ll leave the link here if you are interested. 


It looks very interesting! 

Now it’s time to nap.

Love for everyone.


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