Fresh from the shower

Do we really own our time, our own lifespan?

Could we surely achieve what our heart aches for?

Does someone have the right to tell us there is a plan

We’ve been chosen to live, to live and to die for?

Wake up every day, put your mask on.

Does it smash your nose, scratch your face? Good.

Fix your face, fix your mind, then you are done.

Fit in the society, I think you already understood.

Take it back, your crazy drained dying brain.

You’ve got a crack in your spine, the energy is leacking

Smash your little pieces of reality, not in vain.

Find and kill all the painful story, find your track.

Dressing up, macking up, please your master.

At the end of the day , your naked soul is melted.

Take it off, all the rags, drop them down just faster.

Make it quick, just believe you are not alone in this messed up world.