Bloody power

How can you slpeep at night?

You might not know you are not right,

Because they fight for nothing

On your sight.

You only know your rights.

The priveleges cooked to tender every day,

You take them as an invigorating supplement.

Viagra to your brain.

The pain you give, you drain the mood

From a casual passerby, thats what we are.

We have no right to stand against and fight.

Your grip is tight.

The bloody echo in your head

Can’t get you out of bed.

What to most is a nightmare,

For you is a sweet dream of torturous delight.





Underneath thy flesh

Names carved on the bones

Recall them, call them louder

Inside your veins

The past days moth

Times scar tissue tastes

Erasing memories of youth

Perfect black ink stains

Caffeinated reasons

Calculated treasons

Rough time for the names to exist

Calcinated mess never to persist

Drop minerals on the side road

Those names time will erode

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