What about me?

An emotional rollercoaster set in motion every day by everything that surrounds me but mostly is music and literature that make me wake up and realise I’m still alive and kicking. I write and sing, yet I don’t consider myself a writer nor a singer. I’m somewhere between a being and a shadow of what I myself am. Beginnig a journey every time I fail, I’d like to finish something someday. Because not even this sentence is wholly finished, a word could be introduced, a melody could’ve been composed and set as background to a moment that will never end.

Most of my poems are supposed to be songs, but I have no idea about writing music, it’s in my head though.

I’m a russian woman from Spain, but I mostly write and read in English.


4 thoughts on “What about me?

  1. I’m glad you write in English! Thank you for following me, I’m happy to meet you. I used to be like you; I can do many things but never considered myself ‘to be’ any of them. I was a ‘Jack of All Trades and Master of None’. I finally decided I was going to be master of something and now I have three, almost four books published I can call myself an author! I don’t suppose I’ll ever be a famous author or a best-selling author but an author I am! 🙂

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  2. I too am a writer/singer, etc. I wrote a bunch of songs, but I am not mad about the music I create to go with them, so I just write the lyrics when the pop up. However, as with the poem you liked, Hunchy Lumpy Darlin, not all of them are meant to be put to music. If some clever person comes along with pretty music to set the poem to, I will not fight much.

    Brent Kincaid


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